Surf coaching

personalised surf training

Your wave, your surf coach, and your individual goal: In our surf coaching, everything revolves around you!

In private surf lessons, you work specifically with a surf coach selected for you to achieve your goals. With specific advice to improve your technique and a session in the water tailored to your level and goal, you will make progress quickly and safely.

It doesn’t matter if you are a beginner or an advanced surfer or if you just want to have fun with friends in a private session – we tailor the coaching to fit you.

Für Experienced Surfers

You are an experienced surfer and want to work on a specific problem or learn new maneuvers. Together with your coach, you will analyze your technique and receive individual feedback and tips.

For everyone who prefers to learn alone

Sometimes you just want to do something for yourself – like learning or improving surfing alone. A private coaching is just right for this – because it’s all about you, your learning speed and your goals.

For couples, partners and best friends

How about a date in the water? Write your shared surf story and create a new memory, just the two of you and the surf coach. Perhaps it’s the beginning of a new shared love – for surfing and the ocean.

For friends and groups

Whether private or business: We organize a private surf course for you, where you learn to surf alone as a group with one or more surf coaches.

This is how our Private Coachings work

preliminary talk

Together with your surf coach, you discuss your level, what you’re struggling with, and what you would like to improve. This way, we create a specific plan for your coaching(s).

Surf spot preparation

On Fuerteventura, you can expect a wide range of beach and reef breaks, with both lefts and rights. Before starting the specific training in the water, we will explain to you the particularities of each break.

Direct Feedback

During your surf session, you will train with your surf coach to achieve your set goals. The coach will analyze your surfing in real-time to continuously adjust the coaching to your needs while in the water.

Suitable surfboard

We will select a board from our quiver that suits your level and goals before the session. We offer softboards for beginners or for refining your technique, premium shortboards for maneuvering or having fun, and longboards for catching more waves.

SurfCoachings: Price Overview

Private Coaching

per Person


3 hours


120 €

Group Courses

Retreats, Companies & others


3 hours



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FAQs – Questions about our Private Coachings

Where do the surf coaching sessions take place?

In the north of the island, we have plenty of surf spots to choose from. We select the surf spot based on the daily conditions, as well as your goals and surf level.

How do you choose a surf coach for me?

Our surf coaches specialize in various surfing styles and techniques and can provide you with the best coaching experience according to their own abilities, based on your level and goals.

In which language does the surf coaching take place?

Our surf coaches are all fluent in English, and some of them also speak Spanish and German. Let us know your language preference, but please note that our main focus when selecting a coach is based on your goals and needs.

I have a pre-existing condition. Can I take part in the surf coaching?

That depends on your individual condition, as it is primarily about your safety in the water. Therefore, please inform us in advance of any pre-existing medical conditions so that we can provide you with a safe and enjoyable experience.

How do I choose a suitable surfboard for coaching?

We will choose a surfboard together with you before the coaching session, which fits your level and goals.

We can of course bring more than one surfboard to the coaching session (as long as it’s not a whole quiver :)). This way, we can decide at the spot which one fits better with the current conditions, and you can also change the board during the coaching if you realize it’s not working well.

I have my own surfboard. Can I use it in coaching?

Feel free to bring your own surfboard to the coaching. This allows us to check (depending on your experience) if your board suits you. Additionally, your surfboard can be part of your goal, for example, “I can’t turn my board”, “I want to learn how to duck dive”, etc.

Either way, we will give you an honest board recommendation for the coaching, so that you can make the biggest progress safely.